Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY Wreath

Its almost christmas! and I am definitely getting into the spirit of the season this year. I love the coziness of Christmas - just ask my Hubby, I go on and on about how I love being cozy. Blankets, fireplaces, candles, the smell of a real live Fir tree living in my house...Christmas is cozy!

As always, my DIY project had humble beginnings at a variety of second hand stores. I got the wreath and Styrofoam balls at MCC on two separate shopping trips. I got like 25 of the balls, and used most of them on my tree! I stole two for the wreath though, because they're just cute. I am starting to acquire a nice collection of neutral fabric bits which I used to transform the balls into cuteness!

The bells I got at the dollar store, which always makes me happy. I have a whole bunch hanging on my tree as well.

The star was the most involved part of the process since it involved hand-sewing! But still, it took me a max of 15 minutes to sew around the edges and stuff it with fabric bits.

I attached everything with string so that next year, if I so desire, I can re-use the wreath for an entirely new look! I know, very thrifty of me.

Soo, now all I need to do is have a Christmas party. Where we eat fancy cheese and admire my wreath. Kidding!

Monday, November 21, 2011

one foggy afternoon

I saw it and my heart stopped. Almost. In all honesty I just gasped out loud and started looking for a place to u-turn without killing anybody! I've been pushing myself to take the pictures when I see them - each one I lose is kind of like one less way to express and explore me and my art. And one more way to fuel my dwindling design tanks. So basically - FOG ROCKS.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ahhh fall!

I couldn't resist anymore. I found myself leaving work early last week (I had a photo shoot later that evening) and since I had my gear with me I finally gave in and transformed my commute home into a photo shoot. I always have to fight the negative voices when I decide to stop on the side of the road and maybe trespass a bit to take a photo cus...well I feel silly and like I might get in trouble. But every time I do it I forget all that as soon as I start clicking and its rather freeing.

The evening sunlight, the grey-blue favourite recipe. These aren't earth-shattering, but don't I live in just the most beautiful place?? Glad I caught those autumn colours before the rain threw them all to the ground!

I just may have to give in to "part two" on my way home today, I saw that snow dusting the tops of the mountains yesterday... :D