Monday, January 31, 2011

Extreme frame makeover!!!

Ok not that extreme. But today, in preparation for my ceremony of marriage, I made-over a picture frame! I have a "vision" in my head that includes some cute white picture frames, so I've been on the hunt. I found a few standard frames at a second hand store, but today I decided to pop in at the local Homesense to see what I could snag. I came home with a $5 frame (which fits nicely into the wedding budget) and a grand scheme. So. Without further adoooo....

here is the before:

It was a nice red clay carved frame with a squeemish cream paint covering of it. Not necissarily UGLY, but obviously not an object in high demand, seeing as it was on the clearance rack.
(Have I ever mentioned that blogger is IMPOSSIBLE to use? Puting pictures where I want them is the hugest headache EVER)

And here is the After:

And all it took was white paint to turn this fuddy duddy piece of art into a dreamy romantic picture frame, which may or may not appear at my wedding :) SCORE!!

my first app :)

No I don't have an iphone. Or an ipad. But I do have an app. Well, to be correct, I designed an app. hooray! Launching in March is the brand new Insight for Living Canada iphone app!!

Its been fun to design and watch come to life through the help of some great programmers. I'll fill you in on details once its live, but for's a low res preview!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jolly Green Apple!

As I put this post together, honestly, I smell green apples.

This is a painting that originated in the tuesday era, between 5:00 and 9:00. It started as a blank canvas, with plans for flowers, but evolved into (naturally) a green apple. These photos don't quite do it justice, but with the weather as it is I don't have much access to "natural light" that I like to use to photograph my creative projects. Hopefully you get the idea. It was great to release some creativity and get my fingers dirty. And I thought I didn't have a green thumb!


anyways, here it is! (Painted on a cheap canvas ($5, xs cargo) with acrylics from the dollar store. Don't let a budget stop your painting dreams! ;)


Anyone else smell them apples? 

Friday, January 7, 2011

creation of the day

Just for fun, in an attempt to inspire myself, and keep my audience entertained :) Happy Friday! Here's to whats sure to be a great, wet weekend.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

dear blog:

Blog, I've failed you.

Before you accuse me of making excuses, hear me out. This has been the MOST EXCITING CHRISTMAS OF MY LIFE!!!


And I promise to give my audience some new creative stuff soon. Its a new year and I'm inspired!! Now I need only find the time...