Monday, January 31, 2011

Extreme frame makeover!!!

Ok not that extreme. But today, in preparation for my ceremony of marriage, I made-over a picture frame! I have a "vision" in my head that includes some cute white picture frames, so I've been on the hunt. I found a few standard frames at a second hand store, but today I decided to pop in at the local Homesense to see what I could snag. I came home with a $5 frame (which fits nicely into the wedding budget) and a grand scheme. So. Without further adoooo....

here is the before:

It was a nice red clay carved frame with a squeemish cream paint covering of it. Not necissarily UGLY, but obviously not an object in high demand, seeing as it was on the clearance rack.
(Have I ever mentioned that blogger is IMPOSSIBLE to use? Puting pictures where I want them is the hugest headache EVER)

And here is the After:

And all it took was white paint to turn this fuddy duddy piece of art into a dreamy romantic picture frame, which may or may not appear at my wedding :) SCORE!!


  1. Looks great Laura.

    Also, you should use Blogger in DRAFT. Then you can basically code everything yourself ;)

  2. that picture looks awfully familiar... :) a certain first year event... say, end of year picnic?? oh and love love love the frame make-over!!