Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Joel & Christina

This past weekend Joel and Christina celebrated their engagement with some photos near their home at the beautiful Lake Errock. We were joined by their precious daughter Jaima and boxer Juno, whose enthusiasm for visiting the park couldn't be dampened even by the rain! Thanks for inviting me to join in the celebration, I loved getting to know your family and can't wait to continue the party next summer!

A Christmas Favourite

This illustration for Phil Callaway's article in the November issue of Insights will go down as one of my favourites. Danny Brown had a great first Christmas.

I hope you're getting as ready for the holidays as I am! (my work brain has already moved past christmas into 2013, but my home brain is itching to get decorating!)

Monday, November 5, 2012


I'm starting to grow dreams.

I've never been a dreamer. It is much safer to concentrate on the here and now than to hope for something bigger tomorrow. Its easier to be content with what's on my plate when I don't think about what could be on it tomorrow. Its much less frightening to look straight ahead than to look up or down and acknowledge the heights I could be climbing.

safer. easier. less frightening.
boring. stale. irresponsible.

We've been given many gifts, and I don't thing God gave me mine for me to keep clean and dress up on holidays. So, I'm starting to grow dreams. Its scary, and each opportunity that approaches makes me wince, shrivel up, and want to hide. But instead, I plug my nose, squeeze my eyes shut, and jump.