About Me

THE PROFESSIONAL - let's talk shop!
My name is Laura Vanderwel. I'm a graphic designer / illustrator / photographer keeping it real on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. I love working with small businesses and personal clients in need of stationery, so if you're one of those, get in touch!

I studied Digital Art and Design at Thomspon Rivers University, and have worked for the last 5 years "in the biz" as a freelance designer as well as a full time in-house creative. You can view some of my work from both branches in my portfolio.

What I offer:
- brand design & development
- website design
- print design
- custom illustration
- photography (product and personal)
- event branding - stationery/web/print design
- a commitment to delivering fantastic services AND products

THE PERSONAL - let's just talk!
When I have to define myself I tend to spin in circles, because we all know how hard it is to put ourselves in a box. Some common threads in my life are graphic design work, photography to accompany it, a passion to create as my Creator did, and a deep desire to live with joy the life I've been given. Oh and simply devouring good music.

This blog is my way to explore some of my passions with the online community, and give back in a small way to all that have taught me so much through their sharing. Any professional creative will tell you that pumping the same well too many times will dry it up, so its essential to exercise your creativity in other ways. For me that means DIY projects, getting out the paints sometimes, and sharing work I'm proud of. Oh and a perpetual redesign of my blog - its the homey part of my online presence, and like my living room, gets re-arranged every now and again.