Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thrifty Christmas! Festive DIY Pillow Cases

I know its late. But in the rush of Christmas I couldn't get around to sharing, and lets be honest - we were all too busy to be crafting anyways. So think of this as being REALLY EARLY for next year. With the holidays fresh in our minds!

One of the ways I decorated for my thrifty Christmas this year was by not getting a tree - but that was motivated by laziness more than thriftyness, and the fact that we wouldn't be home for a week over the holidays. My favourite way I decorated for my thrifty Christmas this year was with my holiday pillow cases!

I've had these 16x16 pillows for a while now, I picked them up (unused! what a find!) once at a garage sale. I made the cream cases shortly after we got married, and was thrilled with how cute they turned out and how easy it was to clean them. This year I took advantage of another benefit - swapping them for seasonal goodness!

I picked up my christmassy fleece for about $10, along with some more cute wooden buttons. In retrospect, I think the pattern is too small for the size of the pillow, but they still made our couches ooh so cozy and festive.

If you're up for the are some quick directions, without words! If you can follow them, you'll prove just how easy it is to make some swappable pillow cases. Don't forget to work with your pattern if you have one!

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