Monday, January 28, 2013

Megan & Dan: Married! (Part 2)

Time to get down to business: the ceremony! It was beautiful and full of laughter, ending with a bubble-itious dance down the aisle by the brand new Mr. and Mrs. We re-gathered for the reception, full of fun and thoughtful details like little plants to take home and hand-made cake pops to take in. To end it all they danced the night away! The reception was all you can hope for: a celebration of love, close-knit family, and dear friends. Congrats again Dan & Megan!

(In case you missed it, here is Part 1)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Megan & Dan: Married! (Part 1)

On January 5th of 2013 two very special people got married. I am still blown away that they chose ME to document the day, which ultimately meant I got to spend a day working with some of my best friends and family. Not a bad deal! Megan is the little sister of Melissa, who was my dear Maid of Honour when I got married! Megan is also one of my little sisters best friends, so when you start to lay it all out its a tangled web of awesome relationships.

THEN you add Dan into the picture: this amazing guy who captured her heart. It doesn't take long for one to be assured that Dan is the perfect fit for Megan. Together they're a power team, and hot stuff to boot! Shooting them all day was a breeze! 

Dan & Megan:
You two are AWESOME and hanging out with you on that incredibly special day was an honour. Choosing photos to blog was way way way too hard, so be assured that there are many more where these came from! Congrats again and again! May the Lord bless and keep you both as you launch into life as a married team. (part 2 will follow as soon as I finish editing all the ceremony and reception photos :D)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Illustrated Lately

Here are a few of my favourite illustrations from the last few months:

"Stuff I Used to Covet" was based off of a line from the article that referred to all the stuff the author used to think was worth working for. I sketched out the bulging shed and scanned it in, originally thinking I could use my hand-drawn sketch as the basis for a photoshop illustration. My efforts were not getting me where I wanted to go though, so I ended up re-drawing the piece in illustrator to achieve the clean, vector-drawing look. I'm totally happy with the way it turned out: I love this style and working with a limited colour palette.

"Discoveries" Is based off of a reference the author makes to the archaeologist (have you ever tried to spell that word?! seriously!) who discovers King Tut's tomb. I ended up thinking about the character of  Jane's father in Disney's rendition of Tarzan, and he became the inspiration for my pudgy archaeologist.  I decided to flow with the disney theme and tried my hand at a disney-style illustration that I totally love. It was a good time for it too: all that gold! I had so much fun working out those glowing details, especially on his face. I love adding little details like a totally unbelievable thin floor - it ads an irony in how close the treasure was to the surface. Fun! One of these days I've got to hunker down and do a whole book. 

Hope you like them!