Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Basics

A few weeks ago a board member gifted me and my coworkers with these beautiful tree ornaments. He made them himself with a laser cutter. I love the simplicity - not only of the design but of the concepts. Paring it down to the basics, really! Plus, they dress up my jar of branches and make them a bit more festive.

Daddy of the Bride Illustration

From December's Insights Magazine for an article called "Daddy of the Bride."

Monday, December 10, 2012

Re-Tree (my easy refurbishing project!)

Yesterday I underwent my easiest (and quickest) refurbishing project yet. This little christmas tree! I've had this little guy since elementary school, when I made it as a craft at a birthday party (sup Shena!). We glued buttons on and tied little bits of fabric around the branches. The result was cute and endearing, but rather country-crafty, a look I'm not super fond of anymore. So last night I decided to pull it all of and see where I ended up! I originally intended to re-decorate the tree, but honestly...once it was relieved of its tattered decor it just ... worked. I added the star ornament on top, and LOVE my new holiday decoration!

The lesson here? Don't write off those old decorations completely... maybe there's something left there after all!