Friday, April 29, 2011


You can't escape it on a day like today, and I know a few who are trying! No matter where you go, I have an inkling you'll be hearing the word: wedding. I can't really wrap my mind around why this particular wedding is so exciting to so many people, but for some reason even I am drawn in! I turned on the TV when I woke up, a teensy bit more than mildly curious what her dress would look like. And then I started seeing all those hats, and had to keep watching...and then those nutty crowds decked out in red, white, and blue...and all I can think about is, what does Kate think of her wedding? As a future bride, I'm seriously curious if her wedding is how she always imagined it. I wonder if she's honoured by all the fanfare, or a little bit disappointed that so many details had to be determined by tradition and ceremony. And that she has to share it all with so many people.

Anyways, all this talking and musing about weddings naturally has me thinking about my own! 3 months and 12 days people!!

And now...I've been contemplating whether or not to show these pictures for a few days. I have this thing where I want to keep all my wedding plans to myself...silly, but its just such a special day! Only happens once! (and i mean that) But I decided to show a few, because they just turned out SO AWESOME, and they don't give too much away. So here are some pics from my mom and I's visit to our wedding venue on tuesday, and around the area looking for good photo locations. (the sun came out and there were still storm clouds in the sky, it made for some gorgeous scenes.)

I also included one of my new car, looking super spiffy (it goes by the name of "Silver Surfer"), and one of my camera bag and my new car...because they just look so good together...I have a feeling the three of us will have some adventures. lol!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring was here!

Ok, its still here. but the good part was here for a few hours yesterday, and I ran around outside and went trigger-happy. Enjoy! (how lucky am I that all of this is within 200 feet of my house?!)


And look how AWESOME my dad is! I'm excited to show you the very happy ending to my figure skating fiasco:
$50 and some tiny screwdrivers makes me one happy girl! And I've got a nice little dent as a reminder, never to take a camera skating again.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Appy Tuesday!"

yeah, bad pun. But this post is devoted to apps! One app in particular: the Insight for Living Canada FREE iPhone app!! We've been working on it for the last five months or so, and last week it was finally approved! Even though I don't own an iPhone, I am extremely fond of the first app I've ever designed. :D

This morning we celebrated its completion with this lovely iCake app. (first of its kind, i think!) It doesn't stream quickly or look right on your iPhone (probably hard to un-install unless you run it through the dishwasher...), but it sure does taste good! If you like the cake, you'll like the (AWESOME) app, available FREE in the app store!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pillow Perfection!

More creative fun! I love it when I get an idea, run with it, and then get to blog about it. Yeah...lame, but somehow it makes the excitement last! And I think you'll like this one. I felt the itch to dive back into mine and my moms fabric boxes again yesterday, and this is the result!

I'm starting to spend hours a day dreaming of the home I'll get to decorate in just over 4 months (!!!) with my fantastic fiance. Now, there is one thing I love that he's not so excited about: pillows. If I have my way, we'll have LOTS of pillows. If he has his way, we'll have a few pillows. So my compromising plan is: just keep making pillow covers!!

All of this to introduce my latest pillow project. I'm not sure what my long-term plans for this pillow are, because it looks great on my bed, chair, and on our lovely leather couches. And probably many other places (as demonstrated in my photos-it was sunny, so I used my favorite natural studio again-the yard). But for now, I will just look at it and love it! I love a sewing project gone right! (this is largely thanks to me actually taking the time to measure, pin, line up stripes, and change the bobbins so the thread is actually the right colour...half my sewing projects don't get as much attention to detail lol! And strangely enough they don't usually turn out well).

See? Lovely on the couch.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Doodle Dee

More Illustration fun! This piece is purely JFF (just for fun, I totally made that up myself) and to provide some more entertainment and inspiration for my dear readers. Today at work for some reason we were talking about how we used to have to get dressed up in our sunday best for church every week, and I think that's what inspired this piece. But who can really know how those synapses connect? lol!

PS. Happy Birthday Dolita!!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Camera Ouch: the bad news and the good news!

The Bad News:

The Good News:

that's a new LCD screen for only $42! Not bad, since I thought it was a goner! So I'll keep you posted. I haven't experimented yet to see if its just the screen that's busted. My gut is telling me the rest of the camera is fine, but you never know.

For anyone who missed it, I went skating and was clumsy. Surprise!! Unfortunately, the camera was in my pocket. Ouch. Oh the drama!!

And now, because I don't want this post to be boring, here's a few more quick little birds :)