Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pillow Perfection!

More creative fun! I love it when I get an idea, run with it, and then get to blog about it. Yeah...lame, but somehow it makes the excitement last! And I think you'll like this one. I felt the itch to dive back into mine and my moms fabric boxes again yesterday, and this is the result!

I'm starting to spend hours a day dreaming of the home I'll get to decorate in just over 4 months (!!!) with my fantastic fiance. Now, there is one thing I love that he's not so excited about: pillows. If I have my way, we'll have LOTS of pillows. If he has his way, we'll have a few pillows. So my compromising plan is: just keep making pillow covers!!

All of this to introduce my latest pillow project. I'm not sure what my long-term plans for this pillow are, because it looks great on my bed, chair, and on our lovely leather couches. And probably many other places (as demonstrated in my photos-it was sunny, so I used my favorite natural studio again-the yard). But for now, I will just look at it and love it! I love a sewing project gone right! (this is largely thanks to me actually taking the time to measure, pin, line up stripes, and change the bobbins so the thread is actually the right colour...half my sewing projects don't get as much attention to detail lol! And strangely enough they don't usually turn out well).

See? Lovely on the couch.


  1. How did you make the flower Laur??

  2. I cut out a whole bunch of rough flower shapes...not deep petals, but shallow-ish? if you get what I mean? I just eyeball it and make a few different sizes. Then I grab the smallest one, bunch it in the middle, and sew the "tip" together a little ways up from the bottom. There is really no proper way to do it, since the imperfection is the! Once one is bunched and sewn, I pinch the next one (sometimes 2 at a time) in the middle around the first one, and sew them together at the same time as I bunch it and sew the tip. I keep going(smallest to biggest) until all the layers are bunched and sewn, all the while making sure they are all sewn the end, the bottom 1 cm is sewn together, and the rest flares out. Its really quite easy since it takes no precision. I hope some of that made sense!! The more you pinch, the better they look.