Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love! Jodi and Russel Kamloops Engagement

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to head back to kamloops (my 2-year home while I got me an education) to take engagement photos with my dearest once-roommate, Jodi. When Jodi and I met, we hit it off immediately. After hanging out once and "hitting up Walmart just for kicks" we were already talking "room mates" for the following year. Little did we know that God was planning exactly that for us! After Jodi traveled the world and YWAMmed in South Africa, she moved into the room across the hall in my second year. Thus began our epic friendship.

Russel and Jodi, on the other hand, didn't know they were destined for togetherness right off the bat. But just like the room mate story, God had big things planned! In retrospect, of COURSE the only guy good enough for Jodi would be one who'd been right there for years. Of COURSE the guy with mad guitar skills she was in love with would also turn out to be everything she'd ever dreamed of. Of COURSE the amazing guy who needed an amazing girl would finally get up the guts to ask her out! Anyways, the long and short of it that Jodi and Russel are like peanut butter and jam: good on their own, but FANTASTIC together. Congrats you guys!! I had so much fun with you both! ...and take care of that girl! Love you Jodes :)


Origami: playing with light


First off, I am not the creator of the origami, only the photographer.

I've been pushing myself to experiment and become more competent with the use of light in the studio (and the portable strobes, but I'm lacking a bit in equipment there...) and Phil's origami rooster seemed like the perfect test subject. Simple and clean, and the  colours turned out awesome! I love the geometric shapes created by the light and shadow within the folds.

Just a fun exercise, but I thought I'd share!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lenses. A design process!

I did a photo shoot this week that resulted in some pretty fun photos that demonstrate my photographic process, so I thought I'd share them! Now, I AM an "artist" if you will, more accurately have a fair amount of "orange" in my personality, and my process doesn't really stick to a routine. I go about finding my "design solution" differently every time, but here is a sample of how it might be done! (thanks to Kendra, my lovely model!)

I had the text which I needed a photo for, and brainstormed possible photo ideas with Tanya until we found a direction which we thought would communicate best and most creatively. In this case, I wasn't exactly sure how it was going to work out, so I expected to take a variety of shots to find the best fit.

As you can see from the photos below, I tried a few shots out first (the first two photos), to see how my location and angle might work. Here is where I make fun of myself, because I look ridiculous in that photo and am very aware of the fact. I don't usually throw myself in as a temporary model, but in this case I did and it was helpful.

Once Kendra arrived, we tried out some similar shots to what I had played around with before. She did a great job, but I still wasn't sure it was going to communicate the message properly.

So we tried a few different options, and ended up with the bottom image, which is probably going to be pretty close to the final product! Success!!


Afterward we had some fun, and Kendra stepped behind the camera to let me get a dose of my own medicine.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Sometimes at work, happy things happen! Take today for example: I needed a photo of 2 doors for the magazine. I took a drive around the block on a "door quest" and came back with lots of options. Even though I can only use one in the magazine, by default I now have a whole series of photos! I'm call it "doors." lol! These doors are all located in the industrial area of town off of Mt. Lehman road (near my office). And on top of that, i got the perfect photo for the magazine, which is coming together nicely.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I fancied a fancy fold....brochures for IFLC

I decided its time to show a bit more of what I do at work. These are two brochures I've done in the last...half a year (they were spread apart and hindered at every turn lol). One for "Lifegifts" and one for "Monthly Partners." Both are options we have for people looking to partner with the ministry of Insight for Living Canada. They match in style and size, but one is printed on matte and one on a thicker gloss stock.

These brochures, unlike a lot of what I work with which I inherited from my predecessor, are completely my work from start to finish. I am super happy with how well my chosen format worked with the information! I love seeing my work in print! The photo on the "Lifegifts" brochure is stock, but I took the cover of the "Monthly Partners" brochure in the studio.