Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love! Jodi and Russel Kamloops Engagement

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to head back to kamloops (my 2-year home while I got me an education) to take engagement photos with my dearest once-roommate, Jodi. When Jodi and I met, we hit it off immediately. After hanging out once and "hitting up Walmart just for kicks" we were already talking "room mates" for the following year. Little did we know that God was planning exactly that for us! After Jodi traveled the world and YWAMmed in South Africa, she moved into the room across the hall in my second year. Thus began our epic friendship.

Russel and Jodi, on the other hand, didn't know they were destined for togetherness right off the bat. But just like the room mate story, God had big things planned! In retrospect, of COURSE the only guy good enough for Jodi would be one who'd been right there for years. Of COURSE the guy with mad guitar skills she was in love with would also turn out to be everything she'd ever dreamed of. Of COURSE the amazing guy who needed an amazing girl would finally get up the guts to ask her out! Anyways, the long and short of it that Jodi and Russel are like peanut butter and jam: good on their own, but FANTASTIC together. Congrats you guys!! I had so much fun with you both! ...and take care of that girl! Love you Jodes :)



  1. Glad you got Russ's guitar in there too ;) Great job, Laura!

  2. Oh MY GOSH! Best engagement photos ever!!!! :D Way to go Laura!

  3. Thanks guys! That was so much fun (and cold lol). I love indulging in my photographic impulses!!