Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Taking in the Tunes

I'm a huge fan of noisetrade, the source of loads of wonderful free music (but tip if you love what you hear!) I've turned in to one of those people I never wanted to be: a bit of a music snob. I think its a result of becoming a junkie: I listen to music ALL DAY every day, and I get sick of whatever has been on repeat after a while. So I go sleuthing for new stuff, and noisetrade usually tips me off to some lovely melodies. After a while, I started getting comments like "you're one of 'those music people' aren't you? Have you ever heard of this band?" I really don't want to be one of "those people," but I can't stop my consumption of incredible music. Well hey! That's what it exists for! 

Here are three of my recent favourites, I hope you enjoy! :D

Noisetrade prescribes this album for fans of Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters and Men, and Fleet Foxes, and they couldn't be more spot on. They have an awesome sound and not once have I pressed "skip." Oh, AND they're from Vancouver! Win!

This album has been a staple in my playlist for a while. Like the Tourist Company, they have a chill & awesome sound as well as some pretty wonderful lyrics.

Some people have a thing against live albums, but I enjoy the banter and crowd interaction. Josh Ritter has an upbeat and folksy sound, and his wry attitude make this album great for infusing a bit of energy into your day. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Crazy Joy - Magazine Illustration

For the May issue of Insights I put together this illustration for an article called "Five Steps to Crazy Joy" by Phil Callaway. At one point in the article he mentions people who find dogs in sweaters funny, so I ran with it. I made use of my new "tattoo artist" light table :D and started with pencil sketches that became pen drawings, and were digitized then coloured in photoshop.

I love seeing these characters come to life. I don't usually have a completed concept or character in my brain when I start working, and its like putting my pencil to the paper draws them out of some corner of my mind. Yes, my mind is secretly full of little dogs in sweaters. I'll end on that.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Project: Business Cards

If you're connected with me on facebook or instagram you got a glimpse of these already, back when they arrived in the mail and I couldn't contain my excitement. I've finally gotten around to taking some snazzy pics of them, and I'm excited to share my business cards. I've been freelancing since the middle of my design diploma, and somewhere in the last year I decided I really needed to shape up and be presentable. Slowly but surely I've been building a personal brand that finally worked its way into print. Any designer will tell you that they've never had a more difficult client than themselves. (printed with moo)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Laura the Explorer

Last week my friend Monique and I ventured onto an "abandoned" property to capture a photo for one of my upcoming magazines. After we'd nailed the location and I'd gotten the "work" done, we explored the beautiful property full of magical (and stinky) empty buildings. We definitely got in touch with our 10 year old exploring selves, and I felt giddy with my re-awakened imagination. I couldn't help but think of the lives that had been lived in those spaces, and could be lived again if a lot of time and money ever go back into that place. Every time we opened a door we were surprised by what was behind it. I love the randomness of older home layouts. I hope my future home has its fair share of strange closets and oddly shaped cupboards!

Then we topped off our adventure with a visit to some brown-eyed pups. This city girl loves her some country!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Think About Grace - DESKTOP DOWNLOAD #3

It's a word I hear quite regularly around the office. Its one of those words that becomes stagnant in my mind as I take from here, send it there, pass it over, fold it under...

But BOY. Is it important to stop from time to time and put it on the table in front of me, by itself, and contemplate what Grace means: to me, for me, for life.

You know it changes everything.

What is broken is seen as whole. 
What is soiled is seen as clean. 
What will never measure up exceeds expectations.

It changes EVERYTHING.

Today I encountered Christians who seem to have forgotten this concept, using their space on the web to pour out words of intolerance and judgement on Christians of another denomination. At first I was deeply angered, feeling their blatant close-mindedness as a personal affront. Eventually, my anger gave way to self analysis, and as I worked through my own close-minded perspectives I came back to this word.

Why do we always forget about GRACE?

download the Grace desktop image by clicking here.