Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Think About Grace - DESKTOP DOWNLOAD #3

It's a word I hear quite regularly around the office. Its one of those words that becomes stagnant in my mind as I take from here, send it there, pass it over, fold it under...

But BOY. Is it important to stop from time to time and put it on the table in front of me, by itself, and contemplate what Grace means: to me, for me, for life.

You know it changes everything.

What is broken is seen as whole. 
What is soiled is seen as clean. 
What will never measure up exceeds expectations.

It changes EVERYTHING.

Today I encountered Christians who seem to have forgotten this concept, using their space on the web to pour out words of intolerance and judgement on Christians of another denomination. At first I was deeply angered, feeling their blatant close-mindedness as a personal affront. Eventually, my anger gave way to self analysis, and as I worked through my own close-minded perspectives I came back to this word.

Why do we always forget about GRACE?

download the Grace desktop image by clicking here.

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