Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I fancied a fancy fold....brochures for IFLC

I decided its time to show a bit more of what I do at work. These are two brochures I've done in the last...half a year (they were spread apart and hindered at every turn lol). One for "Lifegifts" and one for "Monthly Partners." Both are options we have for people looking to partner with the ministry of Insight for Living Canada. They match in style and size, but one is printed on matte and one on a thicker gloss stock.

These brochures, unlike a lot of what I work with which I inherited from my predecessor, are completely my work from start to finish. I am super happy with how well my chosen format worked with the information! I love seeing my work in print! The photo on the "Lifegifts" brochure is stock, but I took the cover of the "Monthly Partners" brochure in the studio.

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