Monday, January 21, 2013

Megan & Dan: Married! (Part 1)

On January 5th of 2013 two very special people got married. I am still blown away that they chose ME to document the day, which ultimately meant I got to spend a day working with some of my best friends and family. Not a bad deal! Megan is the little sister of Melissa, who was my dear Maid of Honour when I got married! Megan is also one of my little sisters best friends, so when you start to lay it all out its a tangled web of awesome relationships.

THEN you add Dan into the picture: this amazing guy who captured her heart. It doesn't take long for one to be assured that Dan is the perfect fit for Megan. Together they're a power team, and hot stuff to boot! Shooting them all day was a breeze! 

Dan & Megan:
You two are AWESOME and hanging out with you on that incredibly special day was an honour. Choosing photos to blog was way way way too hard, so be assured that there are many more where these came from! Congrats again and again! May the Lord bless and keep you both as you launch into life as a married team. (part 2 will follow as soon as I finish editing all the ceremony and reception photos :D)


  1. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! What a lovely couple and wonderful wedding party. Laura - you were so awesomely able to capture this lovely couple, their love, and everyone's quirky-ness! Just amazing!! Congrats Megan and Dan :)

  2. Love Love Love the pics...Can't wait to see more

  3. Nice ones Laura, it looks like you caught the group's personalities perfectly!