Friday, January 18, 2013

Illustrated Lately

Here are a few of my favourite illustrations from the last few months:

"Stuff I Used to Covet" was based off of a line from the article that referred to all the stuff the author used to think was worth working for. I sketched out the bulging shed and scanned it in, originally thinking I could use my hand-drawn sketch as the basis for a photoshop illustration. My efforts were not getting me where I wanted to go though, so I ended up re-drawing the piece in illustrator to achieve the clean, vector-drawing look. I'm totally happy with the way it turned out: I love this style and working with a limited colour palette.

"Discoveries" Is based off of a reference the author makes to the archaeologist (have you ever tried to spell that word?! seriously!) who discovers King Tut's tomb. I ended up thinking about the character of  Jane's father in Disney's rendition of Tarzan, and he became the inspiration for my pudgy archaeologist.  I decided to flow with the disney theme and tried my hand at a disney-style illustration that I totally love. It was a good time for it too: all that gold! I had so much fun working out those glowing details, especially on his face. I love adding little details like a totally unbelievable thin floor - it ads an irony in how close the treasure was to the surface. Fun! One of these days I've got to hunker down and do a whole book. 

Hope you like them! 

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