Thursday, May 17, 2012

Using my hands

I always use my hands. I've had nightmares about losing them, because I'd have to be one of those (amazing!) people who learns to paint with their toes, or draw with their mouth — I don't think I could keep it all inside me.

Projects like this make me especially thankful for my hands though, because I don't think I'd ever master using an exacto with my feet. Hard enough with fingers, thank you! This month brought about a new opportunity to try out a new technique and be a bit more tactile than my usual computer-based artwork. I've been so inspired lately by the paper work of Owen Gildersleeve that when I found myself stumped for a photoshoot, I decided to take one from his book and make my ideal location! kinda. I love how this combines THREE of my loves, photography, illustration, AND crafting! Creating a scene in 3D (reminds me of the shadow boxes of yesteryear) opens up a new dimension of storytelling! I don't think this will be my last work of paper. yay!

Here are some "production shots", stay tuned for the completed piece on the cover of the June 2012 Insights magazine! (don't forget, if you're in Canada you can sign up to get it for free! And if you used to get it but stopped...that's because you didn't call to renew, silly. So just sign up again, OK?)

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  1. Laura that is amazing! I'm so impressed. Very inspiring too! I need to do something crafty!