Friday, July 13, 2012

Catch The Sun

My life as a Nikon owner (bought my D7000 yesterday!) started with an end:

I've been asked a few times why I chose Nikon over Canon. To me, the debate is so "Mac vs PC." The reasons I have for choosing Nikon over Canon are not as significant as the reasons that I chose to buy a new camera. My experience with Canon vs Nikon isn't fair to compare: a low end Canon vs. a mid-range Nikon. My Rebel was so not cutting it anymore, and I found myself more inclined to leave it at home than return with photos I wasn't happy with. My experience was too advanced for my tools! I was ready for a new camera and Nikon had what I was looking for. (if budget was no issue I'd buy a D4 and spend every waking minute snapping photos, but it kinda is an issue so I went for a mid-range camera body)

I'm not "pro" with thousands of dollars worth of gear and experience with all kinds of lenses and camera bodies! And even those guys say "its a matter of preference!" Yes, there are a few things that Nikon does better than Canon (and vice versa I'm sure), including off-camera flash co-ordination, which is something I love and have really enjoyed learning about. So when I save up some more, I'm excited to be able to dive in deeper. Thats the only concrete reason I have for choosing Nikon. 

Other than kinda feels like I finally found the perfect pair of pants. It just fits!


  1. I always figured people go with what their trained on. In school we learned on Nikons so I feel more comfortable with Nikons. Others... Cannon. Anyway, I also love the lens selection Nikon has!

    1. Hmm, that could be true. I didn't really get properly trained on a SLR, it was mostly theoretical. I was using a Canon Powershot S5IS at the time, so it had manual capabilities but wasn't an SLR. My first SLR was a Canon simply because it was cheaper and I was already shooting with Canon... But the pro's I look up to (Joe McNally for one) generally shoot with Nikon, and since I've learned so much from their online courses and lighting workshops, its kinda like i learned all the "good stuff" on a Nikon. So...yeah that really doesn't prove or disprove your theory lol!