Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Field Notes - Bronchitis

Well. I am not about to deliver on the aforementioned "post of substance" from the last time I blogged. No, this is something else entirely.

Since returning from our European vacation I've been floating around in this strange place of fatigue and indecision. I've started and stopped numerous things, dreamed big one day and squashed it the next. I'm only just starting to feel like I've found my groove back, but with that progress comes a bit of a complication:


Ever had it? Don't. Here are some things I've learned about living (and travelling!) with bronchitis. Field notes, if you will. 
  • bronchitis means coughing. There is nay supposed to be mucus in your lungs yo, so cough it up! 
  • everyone thinks your coughing sounds like you're actually dying. 
  • doctors can't get rid of your bronchitis. They can however offer helpful tidbits like "you have big lungs!" ...thanks...?
  • airplane descents with the sinus infection that accompanies bronchitis are painful! And also silly - I swear at one point air came out my eye. 
  • cold air means coughing doesn't work very well. As a result, sore ribs/midsection/throat/head! (thanks weekend in Edmonton)
  • bronchitis makes all the essential-oil enthusiast come out of the wood-work with helpful tips and kind offerings.
  • bronchitis does not really respond to essential oils, or anything much else.
  • bronchitis makes you TIRED
  • bronchitis makes you really really appreciate your cuddly cat, your cozy home, and your loving friends and family and husband who cut you slack and take care of you. 


  1. I've had pneumonia, so not quite bronchitis but similar too. It was not fun and took quite some time to get better. That velcro feeling you have when you breath haunts you though. And anytime I get sick now--|BOOM|--chest cold.

    All this to say, feel better soon Laura!

    1. Oh gross! The doctor warned me pneumonia might be next. He actually told me that nobody gets pneumonia without bronchitis, so you've probably had it too :D!