Friday, October 1, 2010

8 months: highlights!

Roughly 8 months ago, my dream job showed up. I was, at the time, frantically spread too thin across a part time job with a long commute, and too many clients and not enough know-how to deal with them all. I would dream of that full-time job with regular hours...I had no idea how quickly it was going to come my way! I now spend my days creating and designing all manner of print and web pieces for a wonderful bible teaching ministry! One of my favorite parts of the job (and probably the most challenging) has been the photography. I had a little bit of training throughout my design diploma, but it was really a supporting skill, not a major one. Taking photos for the magazine each month has caused my skills to grow in leaps and bounds! Its been a wild ride: successes and failures, but most noticeably growth. So. Here are some of my favorites from the last 8 months: some published, some not. 

"Training for Life"

"Captain Bible and the Fight for Truth"



"Good, Better, Best - the Pursuit of Excellence"

 "Ladies and Gentlemen, This is a BIBLE!"

Completely just for fun.



From Bread to Toast

 Thanks to all my wonderful models!!

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