Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tips for gettin yo creative on!

More accurately titled: "how Laura gets her creative on!"

Step 1: Get Inspired!
or get yourself inspired--achieved in any number of ways.
Step 1a-forget about everything else you planned to do.

Step 2: Turn on the music!
The latest thing that has you boppin and snappin should be at least moderately loud.  
(currently Rascal Flatts (yeah...i know) or Greg Laswell)

Step 3: Clean up the floor  
(for reasons beyond me, I love creating while sitting on the floor)

Step 4: Gather supplies.
Get more than you think you need because your direction might change mid-creating.
For this project I grabbed my "favorite fabrics" bag, buttons, and jar of lace/ribbon. Oh and pin cushion.

Step 5: CREATE!


In the end I've got more fabric decorative "things" that I need to find a use for. But these, I think, look really cute with my twine balls and make great decorative elements. If only I had enough room to display all the funky things I make...oh well! Its more about the process anyways.

Step 5: 
Blog about your enjoyable creating experience.

Step 6:  
Eat dinner, laugh and talk with your family and wonderful boyfriend, and then go celebrate 13 months with afore mentioned gentleman with a cup of gourmet coffee and perhaps some cheesecake.

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