Monday, November 29, 2010

Insights Magazine Goes Digital! ...a month ago...

I can't believe I havn't shared this yet! Insights Magazine has gone Digital! Each new monthly issue will be available for online viewing on our website. The November issue is probably my favorite so far, and the upcoming December issue warms my heart with Christmas cheer, so stay tuned for its launch!

The topic of this issue was a challenge to portray: sexual abuse and suffering. I needed to find images that conveyed the brokenness of these issues but weren't overly graphic or too depressing.

This cover photo has probably stolen the top spot in the lists of portraits I've taken, and is probably one of my favorite overall. It definitely stands out in my stack of magazines!

While I don't take all of the photos in the magazine (we use some stock, when they fit the article so perfectly, or its an image I just cant possibly capture with my timeline and resources), here are a few others from this issue:
This photo was taken with my good friend Jasmine (you may recognize her from her engagement/wedding shoots) in a back alley in downtown Abbotsford. I brought a bucket of ashes from my fireplace at home and she obligingly rubbed it all over her arms. While I originally intended to create a shot of hands covered in ashes (symbolic of dealing with suffering/carrying burdens), this image ended up stealing the show. It accomplished conveying the feeling and mood of the article much more effectively than other closer-cropped images, even though the ashes are not immediately recognizable.

For this article about bullying in the church, we took a more humourous approach to lighten the seriousness of the issue.

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