Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Remember that foggy morning?

Remember reading about fog and frozen fingers? Well, now that christmas has passed and gifts have been given, I'm excited to share the mini session I did with the Barrs. Jasmine wanted to surprise her mom with a photo of "the kids" for christmas, so we met at the bird sanctuary to capture a few. Linden the dog was by far the most willing participant (not!) but he definitely made things interesting! He even stopped moving for a few shots! I love the last shot, which is the only one I have of Linden looking at the camera. I love these guys!! and I love these photos :D


  1. They look soo good! (The pictures and the people:)) Very nice Laur!

  2. So cute! It makes me miss all of you guys! (except Linden actually as he only seems to bark at me)
    Thanks for uploading so many things you are doing Laura. I love seeing and reading!