Friday, March 25, 2011

"whats with the bowls?"

First of all, I have no idea if anyone is interested in some of these "technical" posts. Mostly, I am sharing because I'm having fun and experimenting, and I hope it inspires anyone else exploring the world of photography on their own. And because I have all these photos of random things with cool effect (what I think is cool anyways) and I have nothing else to do with them. lol!
(it dawns on me this is really the purpose of my blog...I am having fun and experimenting and I hope it inspires someone!)

Today I did some more practice shooting with my handy little off-camera strobe. Today's assignment was "cooking light," the challenge being to create something "fine art worthy" out of regular kitchen utensils or tools. (assignment from Yesterday I found some light gels tucked away in the cupboard at work, so I thought I'd give them a try. I also had to pull out my favorite model, my engagement! As you can see, it was fun and produced some neat results. Useful for what you ask? Not sure yet. I'm just making pictures.

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