Thursday, March 22, 2012

Something Different: Positively Parkinsons

A few weeks ago I got to participate in "something different:" Creating/refining a cartoon mascot that will travel the globe!

Bob Kuhn, author of the "Positively Parkinsons" blog (and incidentally Chairman of the Insight for Living Canada Board) contacted me to help bring his vision to life. To quote Bob, "Petey will be traveling with me on my upcoming trip around the world. Now lest you think that he is simply a prop, a self-aggrandizing photo opportunist, or purely a promotional gimmick, I want to assure you that you're right. Petey’s purpose in life is to promote World Parkinson Congress 2013 (WPC 2013), happening 18 months from now in MontrĂ©al."

On that note, I am sure he won't mind if I join the cause and fill you in on some details! Bob was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2006. His blog has encouraged countless people: myself included. His honesty and way with words communicate the journey of living with Parkinson's in a tough but touching way. If you know anyone walking this road, I have no doubt that Bob's blog will provide encouragement! And if you don't: you'll still find it encouraging.

Where does Petey come in? Well this year (very soon!) Bob will be leaving on a world tour. He'll be meeting up with Representatives from different Parkinson's organizations as he travels, to help raise Parkinson's Awareness and promote the World Parkinson's Congress happening in 2013. Petey is going along as a bit of a 2D guerilla marketing expert. Please, visit Positively Parkinson's to get the REAL details and check out his first stop! 

Bob and Petey in Israel

Parkinson's is a rough disease. Its not well understood and it can be devastating to live with. Bob's approach to "live with hope and a positive attitude despite this unwanted and challenging companion! truly positive, pursue adventure, and have genuine reasons to smile (at least inside)?" is an incredible example to all of us of how to face life in all its complexities.

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