Monday, March 19, 2012

March Insights Magazine

Here we go! Posting the March Insights magazine -- which is just hitting mailboxes around Canada -- on the same day as I wrap up design of the April issue. I am in a perpetual state of bewilderment when it comes to what month it is. I've pretty much given up, and rely on my iphone for the date. When I'm working on May in March, things start to get a little mixed up inside my head: I've pretty much already celebrated Easter and Mothers day and am looking forward to summer! ...And then it snows and reality returns! :D

But anyways, a few highlights for me in this issue were playing with my new portable (flash) umbrella, putting a Polariod camera on the cover (who knew?!), and doing some fun illustrating in a "superfun" colour palette!

Here are some snapshots of the graphics, but don't mind if I direct you to the digital issue here to read these insightful articles on marriage, traditions, and conflict! 

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