Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where would you leap if you could leap anywhere on Leap Day?

Leap years are an interesting thing. This morning we were trying to decide if we are actually working an extra day this year because we're on salary. On the radio they were discussing whether it would be more practical if nobody had to work on leap day, since its basically a "free day" and it would be a great opportunity to do something you'd never normally do on a week day. I think if that were the case, I'd probably do something CRAZY, like go bungee jumping, because I could probably convince myself that leap day is the only possible day I'd ever go bungee jumping. I mean...its LEAP day.

However. I do not have a free day off, so instead I channeled those positive ideas into some illustration fun. Happy Leap Day! Now that we've got family day, I vote we start pushing for leap day off. Its totally doable, i mean, we have four years to make it happen.

But what about you? Where would you leap if you could leap anywhere on leap day? (aka what would you do if you had today off?)

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