Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marie & Steve, Engaged!

Ok, maybe its cheesy, but I can't stop thinking "love grows in a greenhouse!"

Last saturday Marie and I had contrived to meet at her house before heading to the beach with Steve for some nautical engagement photos. The weather, as often is the case in Whiterock, was predictably unpredictable, and we all realized that between the rain and the wind, the beach was not going to be the setting we hoped for.

Can you say happy accident? Forced to change our plans, we stumbled upon what I have decided is the best indoor photo location EVER. Lucky for us that my Aunt and Uncle (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Marie is my cousin!) own greenhouses, and that Marie is currently living on the property. So we traipsed into the backyard and explored!

But that's enough about the location (except seriously, it turned out awesome)! Because the best part was actually meeting Steve, this soon-to-be cousin-in-law, and witnessing firsthand what a perfect match these two are! You guys are wonderfully cute together, and spending some time with you both leaves me so excited for your future together! As well as so excited to hang out with you guys more often...what do you say, bi-monthly double dates? lol!! Just kidding, but kinda not. We did have fun.

Nothing more to say: pictures!



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  1. Such a unique location, it worked perfectly! I LOVE the one of them with the sliding door.