Monday, February 6, 2012

Prepping for the LEAP.

This past weekend I taught my first class. EVER. And the crazy thing is that it was a photography course! Now before you start thinking I'm talented or something, I should disclaim that its a 4-part course at my church. For free. No pressure right? WRONG!

Unlike my younger sister, I've always known I wouldn't be a teacher. I'm not the most uncomfortable talking in front of people, but pretty close! In no way is teaching anywhere near my comfort zone! I'm not so much nervous, but totally convinced that I have no right to be up there acting like I'm something special. I was asked to teach the class a few months back, and immediately felt it was something I had to do, and that God was intending to stretch me. I've learned that often the things I fear most are God's favourite opportunities to teach me.

The evening went relatively well, but as I walked away I started to feel physically sick. It's over, but there are three left! What if they hated it?!! Did I say something stupid? Probably! I'm pretty sure it took me close to three hours and a good dose of AFV to finally relax. And prayer. Of course a constant stream of prayer and conscious effort to release my anxiety and rest in God's plan.

But you know what still amazes me most about this first experience with teaching? Three days before the day came, I finally felt at peace with it. God calmed my nerves and prepared me when it really mattered, before I got up to speak. (i should mention that he did this through a "head-flu" that sapped my energy and mellowed me out, but it did the trick!) And while I chilled out in my head I managed to get some nice photos in Whistler, a good warm-up to shooting "spirituality through a lens." What an incredible world!


  1. Laura these are Fab! And I know that all your students are so so happy to be learning! If I was in Abby I'd been in the front row soaking up your experience and knowledge. :)

  2. :D Thanks Alison! When you're here next we should do a photo field-trip!