Monday, March 26, 2012

Vancouver for a Day

This past weekend was great. The beautiful sunshine fills me with so much energy it makes me feel as if I've been brought back to life! Going months without "sunshine t-shirt weather" is like suffering a slow illness, and I hope that soon we can leave those grey days behind for good! (well for a season anyways lol...)

We got to do a bit of travelling, and stayed at my sisters house in Vancouver on friday night. I beat the hubby there after work, and decided to play in the sunshine and walk around the block with my camera. The city is so much more interesting looking than the suburbs! I snapped a few and these are my favourites:

We also went up to Whistler and got to spend a day riding Blackcomb, and I wont lie, my last run I couldn't stop singing "God is so gooood...God is so gooood..." As I carved my way down the sunny slope at the end of a gorgeous day. (OK, I need to be honest: the day was a bit of a roller coaster due to hubby's missing ski poles and some miscommunications, but weighing it all out in the end, it was good!) So here are some iPhone photos to finish my weekend synopsis off:

I hope your weekend was as good as mine! And if not, may the next one be better!

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