Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Painting, cups, and TLC.

Ok, I'm not actually sure what I was watching while I painted last friday. Wait! Friday is "bride day" on TLC, so I was probably watching "say yes to the dress" re-runs. But cut me some slack, when I'm painting i'm not really watching. Now that I'm thinking about it though, I'm pretty sure I also watched an episode of "the Mentalist," which I remember because it was actually interesting. I probably did more watching than painting for that hour...

ANYWAYS, I was waiting for Hubby to come home before we could leave to Kamloops for the weekend. I started my painting while I waited, having no clue at the time that I'd have plenty of time to finish AND admire the painting before he got home (we finally left at 10 pm ... late night! We get to blame the granite guys).

I must confess I saw a painting very similar to this at some store somewhere. But it was $50 bucks and I knew I could do it myself for much less (can you say dollar store paints again?) And besides, I have a growing collection of canvases at home waiting to be brought to life. Sooo... here it is!

Basic How-to:
1. Paint your canvas with your base colour! I used a creamy off-white.
2. Find a circular shape you can get covered in paint, a good size proportional to your canvas (i had to search for a bit, but settled on a plastic Ikea cup). Once you've got the diameter, graph out a grid and the circles with pencil. Make sure you start in the center of your canvas, so that your circles will line up how you'd like them to on the edges.
3. Settle on a colour palette, with 4-7 colours. Start filling in the overlapping pieces of the circles in a random fashion! This is where your gut comes in, just go with the flow! Don't fill in every single one.
4. Using a black or dark grey paint, dip the cup and then stamp it on the circles. Don't worry about precision, it'll look nice and casual mis-aligned!
5. Paint the lines as well. I used a ruler with my paintbrush because my hand isn't quite steady enough for my liking!
6. Sign it! All done. Next step (which I still have to do as well) is to hang it up!