Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Living with a Tiger.

Two and a half weeks ago I began living with a tiger. At least, she thinks she's a tiger. Meet Basil (Baze-il, since everyone asks :D), our 10 week old ball of energy!

I've never had a kitten before in my LIFE and I've ALWAYS wanted one. I mean ALWAYS. I am a totally animal nut, but my parents are most definitely...not. They gave in to fish, then hamsters, then gerbils, but their tolerance fizzled out when 2 gerbils turned into 12 (they were supposed to be sisters...hullo!). I spent my highschool summers working at The Ranch with the horses (and campers), and always take advantage of my friends pets for some quality animal time. Cats, dogs, whatever! But I am deprived no longer!

Being the caretaker of a kitten has been quite the experience. I'm crossing my fingers that she'll grow up at least half decent, because I have no idea what I'm doing. So I just try to love her and play with her and sometimes discipline her. And let her learn her own lessons sometimes, like jumping in the toilet... (clean thankfully!). So far, I think we're doing OK! But I'm dreading the day she figures out how to get up on the counters....

Did I mention that she's RIDICULOUS, and incredibly funny to watch? Lets just say... run around the kitchen 50 times (backflips sprinkled throughout), attack laura's feet then leap headfirst into the wall? And again.

(first image: kitten photo FAIL, and yet...so funny :D)

(I have a feeling these pics of Basil and Hubby's work boots will be special for a long, long time!)

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