Friday, April 20, 2012

The Blog-o-sphere!

Inspired by this SUPER COOL post about hand made lettering (literally!) that popped up on one of my favourite blogs today, I thought I'd share some of my favourite blogs to follow. I LOVE discovering inspirational gems that challenge my creative thinking, so hopefully you'll appreciate them as much as I do! So without further ado....

  1. Universal Favourite - Cool stuff from every design angle
  2. Form Fifty Five - Weird and cool "design inspiration from around the world." the only annoying thing is they also have a job post feed that comes through on my reader. so sometimes there are 12 new posts all for jobs in europe. lo!
  3. Joe McNally - photography blog of pro Joe McNally: i love his introspective reflections on some of the incredible projects he has worked on. Oh and because I got to go to one of his lighting workshops, he's even cooler now. 
  4. Jonas Peterson - an australian wedding photographer that seems to stand out. Fantastic style!
  5. Owen Davey - incredible illustrator. I just love his style! 
  6. Invisible Creature - just always awesome, they're MY HEROES!!!! No big deal.
  7. Paper Crave - a new find, nice stationery!
  8. Lovely Stationery - similar to the above! 
  9. Design for Mankind - Erin is so so off the hook, I love how she ties design concepts or pieces to interiors or fashion. She challenges me to think cohesively! And finds some crazy things!
So...Those are just my favourites! Got any to share?

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