Monday, March 18, 2013


Like most people, I think about a lot of things on a given day. Things like the future, my goals, happiness, peer pressure, my faith, the four seasons, the Bachelor (sick, I know!), chocolate, and what it means to be a christian artist and career wife.

I'm not sure if its that artistic creative side of me, but I do spend a lot of brain time on what my identity is and how I should be defining myself. There's a lot of talk these days about who we should be and what we should be living up to. First there's the "dear mom with an iphone" post, then theres the counter-posts. There's the "social networking is essential for your career," vs the "I'm swearing off social networking forever." The 'worldly' pursuits of beauty, financial success, and happiness vs the 'churchy' pursuits of holiness and servanthood and "joy in every circumstance!" In every one of my social circles there is pressure and standards to be met.

Over and over again I try to nail down my position and catch the ever elusive answer to my questions, and I keep stumbling on the same hard reality: life is not black and white. It's a daily set of decisions and actions that require discernment and wisdom to tackle, and as my circumstances change, in small ways so do I. What I would have done yesterday I may not do today. What I chose to do today I may not do tomorrow.

When I peel back the layers, there are a few things that make up my core, but everything else is seasonal. Like a tree, my leaves will grow and change and die to become new again.

Today I love triangles. Tomorrow it might be squares. but I will always love shapes, graphics, and using the creativity God pours into my soul daily.

So here's to letting the fads and trends blow by. To simply enjoying the leaves you've got right now, embracing the things that bring you joy and pointing that joy back to the one who gave it to you. I'm not going to waste any more of my week thinking about what kind of iphone mom I should be someday or whether or not my home/blog/clothes should be more/less white/coloured/graphic. And as I watch the seasons pass, the core of who I am will grow stronger, taller, and more resistant to the storms that come my way.

on that note, below is a space that brings joy to my soul and excites my love of colour
as well as a set of cards that indulge my triangle AND colour infatuations
and to complete the set, an illustration that just rocks

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