Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Scenes Behind - desktop download #2

Today I bring you a summer-inspired backdrop to illustrate an abstract idea I've been considering. I am pretty sure this was inspired by a conversation I had about how the saturday night service at our church has ice-cream you can get your sundae on saturday. Ha!

Well, I go to the sunday service and don't get ice-cream. But I started thinking about how much I appreciate my sunday, and the church we've been attending lately (long story!). This lesson might not be very applicable to anyone else, but I think its important to take the time to appreciate these things! When we are gifted with amazing supportive Christian communities, we should celebrate :D.

So never mind that its easter weekend and we have immeasurable things to celebrate lol, take time to appreciate even the small ones! and have some ice-cream this sunday! Download the background here.

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