Sunday, March 10, 2013

Show Me Canadian

Its a wonderful thing to be Canadian.

We like coffee, hockey, and ... beavers? oh and igloos, sled dogs, and seal hunting (how we pay for our  dial up internet/new parkas).

No really, we love to laugh about all the Canadian stereotypes out there that apply to a very small number of our population (but are none-the-less true). We canadians don't take life too seriously eh! We will poke fun of ourselves all day long. (Just don't suggest we're basically American - unless you want to see some mad kung fu slap down).

A few weeks ago I did up this illustration to go with the heading "Sharpening Our Edge." We discussed the possibility of using a wood cutter as a non-violent way to sharpen our edge, and once I had him in his plaid-covered lumberjack glory I had to add the beaver and Rrroll up the Rim cup. The concept was rejected in favour of a more serious approach, but I was so fond of him I got permission to share him on the blog.

What do you think? An appropriate amount of canadiana? Maybe someday we'll find the right use and the right audience. At least for that beaver...he's sharp.

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