Monday, March 4, 2013

Little Blue Table - furniture makeover

a few weeks a go I joined a friend in her search for the perfect dresser project. She snagged a winner, and while the salesmen helped her finalize the purchase I wandered by this little side table. At $9 and small enough to carry by myself, I just couldn't pass it up! Those horizontal lines had that bit of interest without being dated or overly intricate.

I put in another $20 for paint (lots left-anyone need blue?) and $4.50 for a new bit of hardware, and I'm so happy with my colour gamble! I haven't tried coloured paint on a piece of furniture before, but I love how it fits into my house. I asked for input when I was trying to decide what to do with it, and I got a lot of suggestions for an antiqued or worn in look. But I decided that while that would look amazing, it wouldn't fit what we've got going on in our home. I love how it came out - cute, with some attitude! love it. What do you think?

 I used Behr Paint & Primer for this piece. I've used it before on a white dresser, and I love how easy it makes everything! Since it primes, it sticks really well, so its awesome for really cheap pieces with thin veneer. I did a very light sanding (probably didn't actually do anything...) and then put on 3 coats. To get in the grooves on the drawer I had to use one of my tiny acrylic fine-art brushes, but it wasn't too much work (especially compared to my first project). I learned something new this time: I put the first coat on outside on my porch, my usual work space, but it was so wet outside that the moisture in the air made it impossible to dry! I brought it inside into the spare room, and did the subsequent coats inside, with the windows open. The paint doesn't smell too bad so it worked well.

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